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I’d like to apologize in advance, here and now, to all my family and friends who don’t speak English, because I’ll be brutally honest with you: writing in French is pretty annoying. Not only does the holy spirit of grammar and spelling hover over my shoulder, pestering me with every blot of digital ink, but English is just a tremendously easy and comfortable language to write in.

Therefore, most posts and updates will be in English. However, from time to time, I (And maybe Priya who knows) will indulge in a bit of Molière. So don’t expect to see posts translated, as I’m sure our hosts will keep us busy, but do expect a number of original content in French. As I’m writing this now, I’m just realizing the irony of writing all this in English and not in French.

I can’t speak for Priya, but I can promise to post at least three to four times a week, with pictures and text. I’ve set up an e-mail list so anyone that wishes to be constantly reminded about new posts with annoying e-mails can sign up! To do so, go to the home page, click on the bar menu on the upper right hand side and scroll down. It will say “follow”, enter your e-mail and click!  Otherwise, you can always bookmark the page to find it easily, or even just visit my Facebook for the link in my bio.

~ Skander



2 thoughts on “About Our Blog

  1. 🙂 …at least three to four times a week, with pictures and text… I hope you bring your piggy bank to Rarotonga, since we pay here by data usage, meaning $10 for 100MB. But.. you’ll have so much fun on the island that there will be not much time for internet anyway. Looking forward to meeting you soon. Odette and Joe, Rarotonga, Cook Islands.


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