The Plan

If everything does go as planned, which will probably not happen anywhere we go, our route should look a little like this:



Forgive my terrible map-making skills, but that’s the best I could come up with. I know. It’s ugly. I’m not happy about it either. My 4th grade computer teacher wouldn’t be either. But enough about badly made maps, here is an overview of our trip:


1(a). Belgium!

I’ll be leaving on October 3rd for Manchester to go meet up with Priya. I included this in our plan because that’s where I say goodbye to my family and my fellow patriots. So in a way this is my starting point, Priya’s is the next one.

1(b). Manchester!

The next day, after reuniting with, what I’m certain will be, an under-prepared and stressed out girlfriend, the two of us will make our way to Manchester to take a super-mega long flight from MAN to Munich for a refill, and then on to Singapore, to Auckland, and finally to Rarotonga.

2. Rarotonga!

Here, we’ll be kept warm and fed by Joseph, in exchange for a couple dozen hours a week of help with his café/restaurant and his vegatable farm (AND ANIMALS)! We plan to stay a month and a half here from October 6th to November 22nd, in order to discover everything the 11km-wide island has to offer 🙂

3. Auckland!

This will only be a minor stop, as we’ll only stay until the 28th. However we still plan on visiting as many places as possible (including Hobiton!!!), and do a bunch of fun stuff there.

4. Japan!

We will be granting the land of the rising sun the honor of hosting us for two months from November 28th to February 8th! These two months will comprise of 2 weeks working with Chie and Koki with their projects, gardening and language learning, 2 weeks of working in a backpacker hostel near Nagano, where we’ll be celebrating Xmas with my family and a month+ of travelling around Japan!

5. Chennai!

On February 8th, Priya and I will take a plane to Chennai so that Priya can see her family and attend the wedding of one of her family members, and so that I can also discover some wonderful things in India!

6. Nepal!

After a week+ in India, Priya and I will be on our way to Kathmandu to work for two weeks with disabled children and rescued dogs, to then press on forward and go to Saping, a little village in the mountains of Nepal to help out with teaching and basic jobs since their village was hurt by the terrible Earthquake, and discover some of the authentic culture and personality that Nepal has to offer. After this it’s back to Kathmandu in late March, and home for a “break”.

7. Home!

For an undecided amount of time (~1 month), we’ll be back in Belgium and in the UK to cry tears of joy at the airport when met with our family and friends. But our stay is merely a pause!

8. TBD

Because we’re still in the process of figuring out exactly where we’ll go in May-June and what we’ll do (I’m still trying to convince her Russia would be great, help me out pls) we’re going to leave this part in limbo until we get to making up our minds.


So that’s our plan. I know most of our friends and family don’t believe it, or think we’re insane since we screw up simple things easily in everyday life, but I for one think we can manage… sort of.

~ Skander





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