Leaving Home

October 4-5

The big day always seemed so far off. Time flew by and yet in my mind, October would never come; I would be confined to a standstill limbo in the form of preparation, preparation and more preparation. It only occurred to me that I was on my way to Manchester as I entered Priya’s house.

After that it was Manchester to Munich, Munich to Singapore and Singapore to Auckland, where we would spend the night before heading off to Rarotonga.

No words can really do Rarotonga justice. The island is a blot of ink, 11 kilometers wide in the middle of the Pacific. A couple seconds before landing, all you see out the window is that endless drape of ocean, and then out of nowhere land grabs the plane from the air and sets you down on an airstrip smaller than any you’ve ever seen. Taking your first steps on Rarotonga makes you feel like Neil Armstrong as he took his first on the moon. The sun is intense, exotic trees and flowers populate the horizon and the only mountain range stands a tall, green giant.

Here are some random pictures to satisfy your need to see what we’re up to, make sure to click on them to see the captions. Better pictures will be uploaded, don’t worry, I’m still learning.

Also, Prakaash and Nandhini, I’m still doing my best to convince Priya to let me take any picture of her but she basically refuses every time… I’ll keep trying though!




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