Auckland and Waiheke Island

November 26 – November 28

We made our way back through the green countryside of the Northern Island and before we knew it, we were once again in Auckland.

Auckland is a nice city. That’s pretty much it. It’s nice. As many, many other travelers have pointed out to us, it’s basically just a stereotypical big city except it’s super expensive, has tons of ups and downs and again, is reaaally expensive…

Nonetheless, we had 2 days to spend in the city and we weren’t going to completely waste them, so as soon as we arrived we dropped off our bags and hopped on a boat to Waiheke Island, a gorgeous little island not too far off from Auckland.


Our plan was to join up with Jan, our Czech friend from Rarotonga, for a small music festival.


The ferry ride was beautiful, the festival really awesome and we made some great acquaintances. Unfortunately, Priya was still very sick so we had to leave early  :/ So we said our goodbyes to Jan after what was still a great hippie festival. Oh and then I went back to the festival by ferry to get Priya’s phone she had forgotten at the bar. Thanks Priya ❤

The next day we walked around Auckland, landed on a random parade for I-dont-know-what, spent too much money on food, somehow saw Lizzie in the streets, who we had also met in Rarotonga (which is a bit of a crazy coincidence) and went for a movie. Seeing as we had to save up money for Japan, Priya was sick and we only had a day, we thought it best not to do anything big and just prepare for the journey ahead. And before we knew it, we were on a plane heading to Tokyo!

~ Skander and Priya





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