November 28th – November 29th

We set foot in Tokyo in the evening, exhausted from what was although another amazing flight by Air New Zealand (Best Airline out there in terms of quality of service), not really up for anything other than sleeping. Unfortunately, we had to say hello as quickly as goodbye, because we only had one night in Tokyo before we had to hit Kyoto in order to get to Kyotango where we would spend 2 weeks with a young couple doing workaway.

Here is Priya’s first real Japanese meal ever at the hotel, and her first time in ages using chopsticks.


We also found a great pancake restaurant!

After what was only a very brief introduction to the Japanese classics: the chopsticks, the Toto heated toilets, drink dispensers on every corner and being completely lost in a different language, we were already on our way to Kyotango, a town not too far away from Kyoto. So, 1 night in Tokyo and 1 night in Kyoto later, we found ourselves on a bus wondering what was waiting for us considering that the 2 other workaway experiences we’d had weren’t… exemplary…


~ Skander and Priya


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