December 8th 

During our time in Kyotango we had 2 weekends off, one of which we decided to spend at home planning what we would do next, and the other visiting a nearby tourist site called Amanohashidate. The area is famous for its large pine-covered sandbar and is famous for being one of Japan’s three most scenic views. So we took a train to the nearby city and enjoyed our day off there.

The main attraction is the view from either of the two sides, so we decided to walk across the sandbar and go up the other side. On the way there are many beautiful temples, statues and bridges. We got lucky with the weather; we had sunshine the whole way across to the scenic view, but unfortunately it started to rain on the way back.

To go up, people take a cable car to a viewing station of sorts where the locals set up shops and boutiques. If you take a bus after that you can go even higher up all the way to a Buddhist temple where they have a legendary bell that has stayed there for hundreds of years and has never been rung. The view from the top was absolutely stunning even with clouds making their way towards us.



~ Skander and Priya


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