December 14 – December 16

After an unforgettable two weeks in Noma and Kyotango, we took off to our next destination: Nagano!

There, in the snowy mountains we were to help at another workaway in a hotel. But before that we took a couple days to get a quick look at Kyoto, its temples, markets, Geisha streets and a little cat café.

Can’t say it didn’t feel good to have a nice Toto bathroom again and to have central heating. We really did miss Chie and Koki though even during the bus ride and honestly we’re glad to have spent those 2 weeks in their company.

Kyoto is a city of fine dining, beautiful temples and classic Japanese art/history. We unfortunately didn’t stay long but I’d recommend it to anyone looking to get a taste of a big city in Japan that still feels quite Japanese in a lot of its neighborhoods.

On to new adventures in the chilly mountains of Yamanouchi!


~ Skander & Priya


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